Getting the most from your HeliCat Spring Meeting experience

Industry conferences and meetings are important elements to career advancement by providing learning opportunities and skill development, along with networking and social events.  HeliCat’s Spring Meeting is the ideal place to meet new people, catch up with old friends and colleagues, and take away some key learnings and industry trends.

While these events can be invigorating; all the sessions and conversations can be overwhelming. It is a significant commitment to attend industry meetings, so it is best to be prepared before you head out on the road to Penticton. Below are some tips to help you get the most from your experience.

Before the Spring Meeting

  • Read the Spring Meeting agenda to familiarize yourself with the sessions and presenters.
  • Reach out to key clients or colleagues and set up a time to connect over coffee during the event.
  • Replenish your supply of business cards. Ensure you have a stack with you at all times during the event.

During the Spring Meeting

  • Don’t forget all the great information you learned once you get back to the office. Write down three key takeaways from each session and how they are relevant to your career or organization.
  • Engage by asking questions and making comments during sessions and networking breaks.
  • Connect with speakers after their presentation or during a networking break. They are valuable resources of knowledge and experience. Ask for their business card and follow on social media.
  • Attend the social events, as conversations in a more casual environment often provide greater value than the sessions.

Post Spring Meeting

  • Within a week of the Spring Meeting, send a friendly email follow up to those you met. Writing a note on the back of their business card will jog your memory on a topic you discussed or something you had in common that you can use in the email messages.
  • Share your experience and key learnings with your colleagues and management at your organization.

Now that you are prepared; relax and enjoy yourself!