The HeliCat Industry By The Numbers

As we dig into the final preparations for our upcoming Fall Meeting and AGM later this month at Sun Peaks Resort, we thought it might be nice to share some of our industry statistics as a bit of an overview to provide some clarity and context to the workshops and speaker series our guests will be attending.

Strength in Numbers

HeliCat serves a diverse population of adventure tourism providers and we couldn't be more proud of the collective work being done to showcase the very best of British Columbia on the world stage.

  • 42 Operators in BC
  • 32 HeliCat Member Operations
    • 20 Heliskiing Members
    • 12 Catskiing Members
  • 49 Affiliate Members
  • 3 Individual Members

Employment Highlights

It truly takes a village to run a safe, successful heli or catskiing operation. Our industry employs a wide range of seasonal and full-time personnel, and contributes to the economy of the small towns and communities in which operations are based. This, in turn, has a significant and sustained positive impact on the overall provincial economy across BC.

The following are some numbers pulled from our recent Socio-Economic Impact Assessment (2016), and only represent the 22 operations who responded to our survey; however, they provide a reasonable snapshot of the industry as a whole.

  • 1315 Jobs
    • 281 Year-Round Positions
    • 1034 Seasonal Positions
    • 728 Full-Time Positions in Rural BC
  • 44% Employees with Post-Secondary Education
  • 35% Employees with Guiding Certifications

Bigger Is Better

Both the HeliCat industry and the association itself have enjoyed steady growth over the past few years, and 2016-17 was no exception. Skier days increase year to year as word continues to spread about the world-class experience we have to offer in the BC backcountry.

  • Skier days rose 3% in 2017
  • HeliCat membership continued to grow last year
    • Affiliate memberships +7%
    • Individual memberships +50%
  • Meeting engagement increased by 35% and the Spring Meeting was our most attended to date
  • HeliCat revenue was up 35% in the past year
  • Special projects and research spending also increased by 22%

It's a great time to be invested in the adventure tourism industry in BC. While we face a number of challenges with respect to government relations and environmental accountability, we find strength in our growing HeliCat community and our collective voice is only getting louder. We can't wait to see you all at Sun Peaks for our Fall Meeting & AGM to discuss the future of our sector and to make plans together for another year of healthy and sustainable growth.

- HeliCat Canada