Good policy and its evolution over time is critical to the success of our industry and the communities in which we operate.


Adventure Tourism Policy

The Adventure Tourism Policy (AT Policy) of the BC Government, overseen by the Ministry of Forestry, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO), is the fundamental land use framework that guides our industry. This policy outlines tenure agreement considerations as well as the importance of thoughtful collaboration and consultation with First Nations, the public and stakeholders regarding the land on which we operate.

Photo: Alain Sleigher

Photo: Alain Sleigher


HeliCat Canada believes in strong, healthy and productive forests. As such, we promote the balanced management of BC's working forests through the consideration of conservation issues, First Nations values, recreational and tourism concerns, and the needs of our resource industries. By working together, we can achieve both economic and conservation successes. As an example of our work, please review the Mechanized Ski Development Plan that helps guide cutting and glade development for ski run in our tenures.

Best practices of sustainability

Members of HeliCat Canada support a framework that is environmentally, socially and economically responsible. From operational practices such as reducing waste and increasing recycling to supporting local initiatives and undertaking energy efficient retrofits of remote facilities, we understand and respect the connection between natural and human communities.

Wildlife & species at risk

HeliCat Canada and its members are actively engaged in wildlife monitoring, reporting, conservation and research activities. From creating a Memorandum Of Understanding with the province of British Columbia regarding migrant caribou corridors to avoiding fly zones that interfere with the preservation of mountain goat populations, the community at large is dedicated to developing and maintaining well-informed, environmentally responsible operational standards and policy.


HeliCat Canada works closely with the BC Snowmobile Federation (BCSF) and the BC Commerical Snowmobile Operators Association (BCCSOA) to foster the development of world-class winter recreation opportunities in our province for all users, public and commercial alike.