A highly principled sector, the helicat industry is focused on doing our part to increase the quality of life and the financial well-being of the province of British Columbia.


improving the economy

HeliCat operators provide economic stability to remote and rural regions throughout BC, creating off-season job opportunities, local expenditures, and an influx of important export revenues in winter. The extended provincial economic impact and its benefit to local communities across BC is greatest when HeliCat guests bring foreign capital or export revenue, and when the HeliCat industry’s suppliers and employees purchase goods and services locally within the province.



In an effort to better understand the role and value of the helicopter and snowcat skiing industry in BC, HeliCat Canada Association commissioned an updated economic impact assessment of the sector in 2018. The report was released in April 2019, capturing data from 2016-2018 and comparing it to the 2016 study (2013-2015 operating years).

Research methodology included detailed analysis of financial surveys of the sector, including a summary of the industry financial information through Canadian Statistics Input/Output models to determine the economic impact of the sector on the province of BC.

enhanced employment

“[HeliCat] operations bring the most exciting, highly educated, well versed and travelled people to our community. It attracts the leaders in a lot of categories and it is through this unique collection of diversity that our community can continue to lead.”

  • 2846 FT & PT employment in BC by helicat sector

  • 64% of employers offer tuition fee subsidies

  • 36% of employers offer paid leave for training purposes


Supernatural bc

  • 41 operations in BC

  • Over 118,000 skier days per year

  • Essential industry in supporting adventure tourism, public safety and search and rescue in BC.

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