“The helicopter and snowcat skiing industry occupies a unique and valuable place in BC at the forefront of its iconic reputation for adventure tourism.”



In an effort to better understand the role and value of the helicopter and snowcat skiing industry in BC, HeliCat Canada Association commissioned a socio-economic impact assessment of the sector in 2015, the report was released in August 2016.

Research methodology included detailed analysis of financial and social impact surveys of the sector, including running financial findings through BC Statistics Input/Output models to determine the economic impact of the sector.

improving the economy

"The helicat sector’s contribution to rural economies in the form of revenue, employment and tourism traffic allows these towns to grow and diversify beyond the limits of other resource-driven economies."

  • $192.9m* in total provincinal output

  • $128.6m* in expenditures

  • $95.3m* of GDP

  • 3% Average annual growth 2013-2015

  • $55.1m* in household income from the helicat sector

  • $18.2m* in tax revenue

  • * annual estimates extrapolated from study findings

enhanced employment

“[Helicat] operations bring the most exciting, highly educated, well versed and travelled people to our community.  It attracts the leaders in a lot of categories and it is through this unique collection of diversity that our community can continue to lead.”

  • 2031 FT & PT employment in BC by helicat sector

  • 70% of employers offer tuition fee subsidies

  • 34% of employers offer paid leave for training purposes

Supernatural bc

  • 41 operations in BC

  • Over 110,000 skier days per year

  • Essential industry in supporting adventure tourism, public safety and search and rescue in BC.