HeliCat Canada has established a fund to support our partners - including First Nations, government, and community stakeholders - with comprehensive, research-based data to inform decisions that impact best practices and tenure security for operators in our sector.


The Fund

The HeliCat Canada Wildlife & Environmental Research Fund is a skier-funded initiative focused on supporting research and management projects that enable the HeliCat sector to continually improve its operating practices in the following areas:

  • Wildlife, Habitat Conservation & Species at Risk

  • Climate Change

  • Sustainability

  • Avalanche Research & Safety

The Opportunity to Make A Difference

Since 2001, the HeliCat sector has collectively contributed close to $2,000,000 towards avalanche research and wildlife conservation initiatives. HCC businesses bring over 41,000 visitors each year to the mountains of BC for a truly awe-inspiring experience. We are acutely aware that we need to minimize our impact on the remote mountain regions in which we operate. As stewards of these sensitive mountain landscapes, we have first-hand knowledge of the challenges some wildlife species will face in the near future, as well as challenges brought about by climate change. We are committed to solutions that allow our guests to continue to experience the best mountain experiences in the world, while allowing these species to thrive.

Funded solely by HeliCat Canada member operators, past wildlife conservation projects have included studies on wolverines, caribou and mountain goats. In addition to financial contributions, some members provide lodging, meals, and transportation services for researchers and government biologists. 

HeliCat Canada has been the largest supporter of avalanche-related research and data in North America. We supply the majority of snow data for public avalanche forecasts, and our members regularly host training courses and provide services and expertise for avalanche professionals. We have supported both the University of Calgary and Simon Fraser University Avalanche research projects on a continual basis as a premier sponsor.

Investing in our Greater Community

By working as a collective, our resources can go further. Our priorities have been established through consultation with wildlife experts and industry stakeholders. Our funding will focus on projects such as the following initiatives:

  • Real-time Ski Run Management Using Caribou Collar Telemetry Data

  • Strategies for HeliCat Operations in Wildlife Population Recovery

  • The Future Impacts of Climate Change on Wildlife

  • Resource Road Development Impacts on Wildlife and Decommissioning Strategies

  • Avalanche and Safety Research

  • Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Fund Management & Vision

The HeliCat Canada Wildlife & Environmental Research Fund is managed by an arms-length committee that solicits and reviews proposals. The committee consists of a consulting biologist, First Nations representatives, BC government staff with experience in tourism and environmental management, HeliCat operator representatives, and the Executive Director of HeliCat Canada. Proposals are solicited from university research departments, consulting wildlife biologists, government agencies, First Nations, and NGOs. An approved list of projects is published annually along with project details and budgets.

The application and funding award process is transparent and unbiased, thus appealing to a broad range of possible interests. Funds will be allocated with the goal to further our understanding of how we can adapt our best practices in the future to respond to the ever-changing environments in which we operate. For more information about fund management and procedures please contact HeliCat Canada.

How You Can Help

Participation in the fund by HCC member operators is completely voluntary and individual guests are under no obligation to contribute. 

HeliCat Canada member operators participating in the Wildlife & Environmental Research Fund will be invoicing their guests $5.00 CAD per ski day, plus tax. Every dollar collected goes directly to the fund.

If you would like to make a larger contribution, please speak to your HeliCat operator or contact HeliCat Canada directly. Thank you for your support.