The positive growth and development of an industry requires collaborative engagement and a commitment to learning.

Photo Credit: Cory Murdoch

Photo Credit: Cory Murdoch


Trade accreditation is one of the pillars of membership in HeliCat Canada Association.  Focused on mountain operations and safety, our accreditation program continues to evolve and respond to the demands of operating a helicopter or snowcat skiing business. Every member is required to file an annual declaration of compliance to HeliCat Canada Accreditation Standards in addition to periodic third party audits and operational reviews by HeliCat Canada.


Meetings and seminars

Collaborative engagement and a commitment to learning are hallmarks of what it means to be a member of HeliCat Canada. HeliCat Canada hosts numerous face-to-face meetings, workshops and educational seminars every year.  Most are open to the general public to promote an open and collaborative exchange between all parties with an interest in the helicopter and snowcat skiing sector.  

Occupational Health & Safety

Remote winter wilderness locations require an extra level of vigilance with respect to the occupational health and safety of all staff and contractors.  We work in partnership with a variety of stakeholders regarding OH&S, including WorkSafeBC. HeliCat has developed a standardized OH&S Program Manual, HeliCat Risk Assessment Tool, Safe Work Procedures and Safety Talks for members.  Contact us for more information.

Wilderness Skiing Waiver

On behalf of its members, HeliCat Canada administers a standardized waiver program. Waivers are available in 13 different languages and in four different formats; Wilderness Skiing, Avalanche Balloon Pack Use, Ski Rental and Media/Filming. Ongoing projects include resources for members migrating to digital waivers and a new booklet-style integrated waiver. For more information, please contact HeliCat directly.