An Update on Professional Development

One of the driving forces behind our day-to-day operations at HeliCat Canada is our 2020 Strategic Plan. We're committed to achieving the goals set forth, and we're proud of the work we're doing together.

Part of our plan is to increase the value of HeliCat membership by enhancing Contining Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for our sector. Lifelong learning is essential to the positive growth of any industry, and the continued evaluation of current standards and best practices helps us to set benchmarks and plot a course for improvement.

With this philosophy in mind, we've examined our typical CPD offerings with a critical eye and  sought feedback from our membership. Our findings revealed some significant strengths within our current structure, as well as a number of areas for growth.

Strengths of our system to date:

  • Two annual meetings that are generally well-attended by more than 80% of industry, including non-members
  • Post-season case studies in the spring
  • Workshops and seminars at spring and fall meetings
  • Well-developed 2020 Strategic Plan that informs CPD topics so that they match larger goals and objectives

Methods to enhance current CPD services:

  • Continue to build relationships with stakeholders such as Go2HR, Destination BC, TIABC, AtBC and CWSAA, and calling on these associations to provide documents, training and information, which can be directly shared with members
  • Consider the many tools of technology (i.e. webinar, pre-recorded video, etc) to increase participation and engagement in meetings and seminars, and to offer industry-wide training when implementing new standards
  • Focus and clarify the goals and objectives of specific meetings and sessions
  • Update our Members Only website with the addition of a clear CPD section & resources
  • Promote small working groups at meetings to foster dialogue and meaningful interaction between members

We look forward to continued growth and development with respect to all of our programs and services, and invite your feedback on how we might best support increased professional development within the HeliCat sector. Please send your thoughts and comments, along with any questions or clarifications to

-HeliCat Canada