Industry Guidelines

Trade Accreditation

Since 1978 HeliCat Canada and its members have been focused on the development and evolution of best practices and operating guidelines for snowcat and helicopter skiing in Canada.  Over the years these standards have evolved incorporating new developments and best practices as required.  HCC standards have been used as a resouce around the world for international helicopter and snowcat operations as well as referenced in coroners reports and various legal proceedings.

Originally the BC Government, through the Ministry of Lands, played an integral role in the development HeliCat guidelines.  As the role and focus of government shifted over time HCC assumed  responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and development of the guidelines.  The HCC Standards Committee is tasked with the responsibility of annually reviewing the guidelines as well as best practices and other developments in industry.  This review often leads to incremental amendments to our standards to ensure they remain current and relevant to the ongoing needs of the industry, government, clients and society at large.

Members are regularly reviewed by third party external consultants for compliance to HeliCat guidelines as well as to promote the sharing of best practices and new developments including mountain operations, safety and guest expereince. For more information on HeliCat Canada guidlines please contact us directly.

Member Reviews

Every member of HeliCat Canada is dedicated to the highest operational standards in the industry.  For this reason every member of HeliCat is periodically subject to third party operational reviews.  Reviewers are external consultants hired by HeliCat Canada to visit member operations during their operational season to review HeliCat Standards and the members compliance with them.  

Probationary members are subject to annual reviews, Active members once every five years.  Failure to meet minimum standarsd may result in disciplinary action and/or a loss of membership in the association.
When looking for a heliskiing or catskiing company to book your holiday with ask them if they are HeliCat Canada reviewed and when their last inspection was.

For more information on HeliCat's operational review program please contact HCC directly.

Code of Conduct 

Members of HeliCat Canada shall:

  1. Be familiar with, meet all obligations arising from, and operate in accordance with all requirements of the HeliCat Canada Operations Guidelines, the HeliCat Canada Bylaws, the BC Government-HeliCat Canada MOU on Mountain Caribou, HeliCat Canada Best Practices for Sustainability and other Best Practices documents.
  2. Hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of all clients and staff in their care; and in so doing, manage foreseeable risks to the fullest extent possible.
  3. Assist members of the public or colleagues who find themselves in difficulty or distress, so long as this can be accomplished without jeopardizing the safety of their clients or staff.
  4. With all clients, staff, HeliCat members, government officials, business associates, First Nations, other user groups and members of the public, conduct themselves honestly, professionally and in a manner that upholds the honour and reputation of HeliCat Canada.
  5. Use honest, accurate and realistic marketing claims and refrain from portraying competitors in a negative way.
  6. Operate in accordance with all regulations and agreements governing tenures.
  7. Operate in a way that is consistent with applicable government statutes and regulations.
  8. Train their staff members to conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the HeliCat Canada Code of Conduct.