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Where is the best heliskiing and catskiing?

Did you know >90% of the World’s heliskiing and catskiing takes place in British Columbia, Canada?

How well do I need to ski to participate in a helicopter or snowcat skiing trip?

You don’t need to be an expert to go heliskiing or snowcat skiing. If you can confidently ski intermediate terrain, you can go. Many companys offer intorductory packages and ski instruction for first timers.

How expensive is it to go?

It can cost as low as $400 per day, or is that the “sky is the limit”? There is a price point for all budgets and packages that include first time helicat skiers, families, all women groups and pretty much any service you are looking for!

What are the dangers?

Safety is the number one priority of all HeliCat Canada members. Prior to heading out, you will be trained to use backcountry equipment, and what to do to keep yourself (and your fellow group members) in a safe environment.  Talk to the operator and/or the guide about their risk management program, the more you know the better informed you will be and the more you will enjoy your expreince.

Where do I sleep?

You can stay in a remote backcountry lodge full of character and charm, choose luxurious accommodations or stay at a local hotel, B&B or with friends. Our members offer many options.

How should I prepare for my trip?

The better your fitness level is, the more enjoyable your trip will be. A few more squats, and a couple more miles will ensure your legs won’t be screaming at the end of the day.

What kind of skis work best?

Most Helicat Canada operators will provide you with the latest “fat” skis, which make skiing in powder almost effortless. The guides use ‘ should too.

How long is a typical day? A typical trip?

Depending on the company a typical ski day goes from around 9am to around 4pm.  Earlier in the season, when the days are shorter, groups finish earlier.  Spring trips in April can often ski into dinner time if conditions and logisitics allow.  Day trips often offers less skiing due to the need for orientation and safety training.  Mulit-day trips offer longer days skiing, given all things equal.  Most operators offer day skiing as well as multi-day packages.

What role does HeliCat Canada have?

HeliCat Canada is the trade association for the Canadian helicopter and snowcat skiing industry, founded on the principles of safety, sustainability and collaboration. Our primary mandate is promote the continual improvement of the industry through research, education, advocacy and overseeing operational guidelines.  Spend sometime on this website to learn more about our guidelines, policy and research activities.

Why choose a HeliCat Canada member?

Every HeliCat Canada member is committed to showing every client the best skiing and riding that British Columbia has to offer.  They are committed to high standards in all categoires, open their operators up to periodic third party reviews by HeliCat Canada and actively work with other members of HeliCat Canada to improve their businesses including mountian operations, safety and sustainability.  By chosing a HeliCat Canada member you are chosing the very best the industry has to offer.