Public Safety & Mountain Rescue


Public avalanche forecasts and special avalanche warnings are produced through the analysis of technical snow, avalanche and weather data.  Data made avaliable to the Forcasters of Avalanche Canada through the InfoEx system is vital in helping to produce the most reliabile public avalanche safety information and services possible.  When conditions are challenging and the forecasters at Avalanche Canada need additional information or verification of their forecasts many HeliCat members make their guiding staff avalaible for one-on-one phone calls after the days field activities have shut down. 

HeliCat Members are proud of their close association with Avalanche Canada and the contributions their sector makes to public avalanche safety in Canada.  For more information on Avalanche Canada's public avalanche warning programs visit Avalanche Canada's website.



Every year HeliCat Members are called upon to help those in need in the remote regions of BC's backcountry.  Working in partnership with local authorities and search and rescue groups HeliCat members help provide a vital public service.

With the explosion of backcountry winter recreation that has taken place over the past decade more and more people are venturing out into the winter wilderness on skiis, snowmobile and on foot.  While many of these excursions occur safely and without incident some of them end up need of urgent and emergency outside assistance.

British Columbia has an extensive volunteer search and rescue system in place that is partnership between the RCMP (Canada's federal police agency), the BC Search and Rescue Association and Emergency Management BC.  When requested HeliCat Members respond to requests for assistance from local authorities.

There have been numerous accidents where HeliCat Members have responded to those in need selflessly and without hesitation.  Most notably was the Boulder Mountain Avalanche on March 13, 2010 when a large group of snowmobilers was struck by an avalanche.  The quick response by HeliCat Members and others resulted in numerous helicopters, search and rescue volunteers and certified guides being on scenes soon after the call out was made, reducing rescue times significantly and resulting in all persons involved being evacuated before nightfall.

HeliCat members are proud to be able to serve and support the extensive search and rescue system in BC.  For more information on BC's backcountry rescue system visit the BC Search and Rescue Association or Emergency Management BC websites.